Shooting Ourselves in the FootSanitized Advertising - The Hatfield Pig
A Shooting Ourselves in the Foot: The Sanitizing of Violence in Our Society Article from

Throughout the ages, we have accepted killing, violence, and violent behavior as just being a part of life - it's time we change!

By: Frank L. Hoffman

Sanitized AdvertisingA few days ago I was traveling on the Interstate, and I happened to come up behind a Hatfield truck.  As the truck was climbing a grade, I had a longer time to observe its advertising as I was passing it. What caught my attention most was the Company logo. (See image to the left)  This logo depicts a smiling pig, as if the pig is happy about being killed and eaten.

This approach to the selling of meats and meat products is not unique to Hatfield, and I don't mean to single out Hatfield in this matter.  What this does depict is the manner in which we have sanitized advertising in our society, and the way in which we have sanitized violence in our society.  Society, as a whole, does not want to see the horror side of what's on their plates.  People don't want to see the panic and terror of the pigs, and the blood on the killing room floor, and they most definitely don't want to hear the pigs' screams.  They either don't want to think at all about how that flesh got on their plate, or they want to think of a smiling pig who willingly gave his or her life for us with no pain or suffering.

This isn't reality!  This is hiding from the truth.   Whether or not we want to admit it, I believe this form of denial leads to the hardening of our hearts.  And, as our hearts get harder in one area, we have a tendency to harden our hearts in other areas as well.  When we sanitize violence in our society, it is as though we are shooting ourselves in the foot.  I believe it's time we admit the truth.

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