Woola, my friend
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Eleanor Langwell
January 2014

Wait for me by the waterfall...

Woola friend companion cat

Woola friend companion cat

After the loss of my beloved Ronnie, a white and blue Persian Exotic cat, I thought I might never find that companionship again. I turned to meditation to assist me settling after Ronnie, and one of the guided meditations I loved and was most vividly imagined by me one day –was walking through a beautiful scene which included a beautiful waterfall, where I felt happy and peaceful, and I imagined Ronnie to be there with me. I asked Ronnie to wait for me by the waterfall, and I told him that when my time was up that I would join him there.

Woola friend companion cat
In his favorite spot

Woola friend companion cat
Staring at a friend who visits

I did became rather low despite the meditation and other therapies which aimed to help me deal with the loss of such a true and kind friend and so I decided to search for another Persian who might need rescuing; I needed to be rescued after all, and I thought there maybe one out there who is in need of a home.

I thought it would be a long shot, but I tried anyway. After a few weeks of browsing and trawling over newspapers, I thought I was searching for a ghost.

I decided one day to just type in PERSIAN UK RESCUE and if nothing was there, and then I would give up. I prayed all day –and then, I couldn’t believe it, a picture was there right before my eyes, of the most bedraggled looking blue Persian!

This little cute face was staring at me with big orange loving eyes. He had been named Matt and he was saved by the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in Norwich, England. Matt was on an advert on their website; looking for someone to home this sweet boy, he had been clipped as he had been very matted (hence the name Matt) and to keep him warm he was wearing a green wooly coat. It gets chilly in Norfolk. His face and huge orange eyes just stared at me appealing to me to come get him! I did and he and I had the best time.

I named him Woola – I am a great fan of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and of the Mars series, in which there is a beautiful soul called Woola, a ten legged fighting creature of noble stature, a warrior and friend; with faith in his bones and love for his master, John Carter.
From the moment I got him home, Woola was relaxed and happy, it was as though he had been here all the time, maybe he had been..I had so much love from him, and I loved him very much, all his little cute habits, and character. This beautiful blue fluffy creature was indeed living up to his namesake (except that he wasn’t really a fighter!) as he seemed to adore me and followed me everywhere and I certainly adored him. Woola loved water and the sound of taps and fountains just made him run to them, so adorable. Each day we went for walks (Woola didn’t mind the leash) in the garden and by the fish pond, which made Woola very happy, he would sit and ponder, watching the goldfish and I would read my book, usually an Edgar Rice Burroughs. I bought him a special cat fountain and set up the shower so he could play with the sprinkle of water. Woola had so much fun, and he was so happy with me. Perhaps he didn’t know how happy he made me.

Woola saved my life and made me very happy. I just hope that he knows that I love him, and think of him.

After a short illness, he passed away, and I have cried ever since inside. I loved him so very much. I still do, and I thank him for helping me find a smile again after Ronnie’s passing, and helped me appreciate the beauty of nature around me.

Thank you Woola.

Woola friend companion cat
Ooooo, what’s that?!

Woola friend companion cat
Woola- RIP God bless him. Woola, taken from me on 19/12/2013

Woola friend companion cat
This is Ronnie waiting for me as I picture him by a huge beautiful waterfall in the countryside of New Zealand, where my family lives. I painted it after he left for there.

Wait for me by the waterfall Woola.

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