Alejandro and the Deer
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by Alejandro G. Cossio

June 2010

I share your love for God's creatures, but in a very special way with deer. Let me share with you some photos of my beloved friends.

I have two different subspecies of whitetail deer here with me in Queretaro, Mèxico: one is O.V. texanus and the other is O.V. mexicanus. The texanus comes from the North of Mèxico; their distribution areas are the States of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas; and the mexicanus is originally from central Mèxico, but due to the small remaining habitat that still stands in these overpopulated areas, they are very rare. Some of them are relatively wild. We feed them with pellets and Alfalfa hay when hard times hit.

I have 6 adult deer, 4 females and 2 young bucks (with 2 newborn fawns) in a 10 acre, high fence enclosure. We keep them there because some of them were rescued as fawns when they were abandoned, and the others were found badly injured or trapped in a wire fence. I have been taking care of these animals myself and they have total confidence in me.

I spend many hours per week with them; I enjoy studying their behavior and interactions because I work full time with whitetail deer as a wildlife consultant in several ranches. I really love my deer, and I prefer to be among them than in any other place.

The names of the females are: Timber, Gris, Chabela and Camila; and the two bucks are: Sidane and Figo (both famous football soccer players).

I am sending some other photos of them, which I hope you'll enjoy. I can't take pictures of me together with the deer, because they won't tolerate any other person that close.

I am really happy to see that there are some other people that share my passion for whitetails.  I consider these animals to be my close friends and I love them deeply, as much as my 5 children.

(Photo - 19)

(Photo - 20

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(Photo - 50)

That beautiful doe in the photo with me is Timber, and yes, if I seat or kneel she will slurp all my face. I bottle feed this doe when I rescued her as a baby, and she is 4 years old now, she is like one of my children, you can't imagine the kind of company, care and love that I have received from all my deer, they are the most extraordinary companions.

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