Durga's Elephant Trio
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FROM HelpAnimalsIndia.org
October 2021

Indian Elephants
Aneesha, Gowri and Durga - photo Credit ERNA.jpg

Help Animals India (a Seattle based USA nonprofit) helps to fund another elephant rescue at WRRC in Bangalore, India!

It had been a long wait but the outcome so valuable! Durga Parvathy, 22-year-old Asian Elephant, had lived two decades in a cloistered shed in the middle of the city's busiest traffic area. She had never been left free of chains and had managed to pass two decades without having access to grass, dust, mud, rain and everything important and natural in an elephant's life.

Durga had forgotten what it was to be an elephant...she was scared, disoriented and distraught when she first came...but with the current rescued residents Gowri and Aneesha's patience in reaching out to her and helping to soothe her fears, Durga is now an important part of the trio! The dynamics are a delight to watch...she has started to eat, walk and graze with the seniors and also making shy overtures, wanting to be their friend!

Her pads are in bad condition living for decades on concrete floor which was often wet with urine. She loves chattering and squeaking to humans as you can see in this video just after rescue and is very tolerant of foot care.

Please help us support these three sweeties, your donations go very to help elephants in India. Donate here: HelpAnimalsIndia.org

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