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Heaven on Earth, Goldfish Lenny Lentil

From Rev. Dina A. Miani-Lauman
October 2023

Goldfish Larry Lentil
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Once upon a time there was a woman named Bertha Bean. Bertha pondered the big questions.

She wondered about the purpose of our existence, where we came from, and the meaning of life itself.

She mostly kept these questions to herself.

However, everything changed when Bertha's much loved goldfish, Lenny Lentil, passed.

Bertha was devastated by Lenny's death, as he had been a listening ear and a source of comfort for her. She couldn't help but wonder where Lenny went.

It was puzzling to think that one moment Lenny was here, all orange and shiny, and the next, he was gone.

Though Lenny's body remained, his presence had vanished, leaving Bertha with a profound sense of curiosity and contemplation.

Determined to find answers, Bertha took matters into her own hands. She sought guidance directly from Jesus by reading the Bible, talking to him, and praying diligently. She listened intently, hoping for an answer.

Finally, the answer came!

Bertha discovered that Jesus frequently spoke about the Reign of Heaven. He described it boldly and used various parables and images to convey its nature.

Jesus compared the Reign of Heaven to a mustard seed, a pearl of great price, yeast, and more.

Jesus recognized that words alone couldn't fully capture the essence of the Reign of Heaven, hence his use of parables.

According to Jesus, Heaven is not a distant future destination; it is happening right now, at this very moment.

There is no need to wait for it.

Heaven is both present and continually unfolding.

In addition to her spirituality, Bertha held something else dear to her heart. And that was her devotion to living a Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle and the ethical choices that are part of that.

She believed that her compassionate approach to eating aligned with Jesus' teachings.

Jesus prioritized love and compassion, as found in the Great Commandment to love God and our neighbor as ourselves.

Bertha saw parallels between living a Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle and the Reign of Heaven. Embracing whole living in this way showed love and compassion to herself, to all sentient beings and to Earth.

Bertha also discovered that Jesus compared the Reign of Heaven to a banquet. Not a table of death, but a table of life!

A feast that is plant based is the only one that makes sense.

The Reign of Heaven is like a mustard seed, a pearl of great price, yeast AND a Whole Foods Plant Based SOS Lifestyle!

Bertha's journey reached a transformative point when she attended a Plantstrong Retreat at the Mago Center in Sedona.

She felt a profound connection to the Divine and to others, believing she had experienced the Reign of Heaven on Earth firsthand.

After all, the word "mago" means unconditional love and the nurture of motherhood.

She experienced Heaven on Earth through the magic!

Through the amazing people, through learning and laughter, dancing and gazing at the stars and more.

Every meal was a divine offering.

Bertha entered into this journey bedraggled and beaten down. She leaves renewed, invigorated, and informed.

And the moral of the story is Heaven on Earth is available to us, waiting for us.

Bertha knows this because thatís what she witnessed and experienced at the Plantstrong Retreat at Mago.

And her Plantstrong journey is just beginning.

Kale, yah!!

Note from Dina:

Did you know that we can experience Heaven on this side of the veil?

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a PLANTSTRONG Retreat at the Mago Center in Sedona.

There was a talent show, and even though it really scared me and I didnít want to do it, I decided to challenge myself and find the courage to sign up. Iím so glad I did. It was fun and it felt good to step out of my comfort zone.

Deciding not to sing and dance, I wrote a bedtime story. My son suggested that I burp on command instead! I ended up doing that too. Lol

After last week, I consider myself a Whole Foods Plant Based SOS Vegan. The SOS means no added sugar, oil or salt, in case youíre wondering. In this story, Plant Based Whole Foods can easily be substituted for vegan.

I hope you enjoyed this story and find your own "peace" of Heaven on Earth!

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