Marilyn was so special
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FROM Sena Crutchley
July 2020

Six-year-old Marilyn had been at the shetler for over a year when we adopted her.

Marilyn Cat

Seven years ago, we went to our county shelter to adopt a cat. We had been there a week before and had our eye on a cat. That cat had been adopted before we got there. We asked the volunteer if there was a cat who have been there way too long and surprised them that they weren’t adopted yet.

That volunteer immediately said she knew exactly who to bring us. She went into the next room and came back with Marilyn. Marilyn had been there a year. She was sweet and affectionate, but she was a 6 year old, plain black kitty. I held her, and it seemed like she never wanted to leave my arms. Jon held her, and it was the same. Of course, we adopted her and took her home.

Over these seven years, she has absolutely been the sweetest, most loving and egalitarian little lady. At night, she would walk over to me in bed and snuggle a little bit, and then she would walk over to Jon in bed and snuggle a little bit, and then she would sleep with one of us. Sometime she slept curled up with me, and sometime she slept curled up with Jon. She never tried to jump up on the counters. She had the loudest, raspiest purr. Our old friend and “pet” sitter thought that she had respiratory issues, but our vet said that it was just her purr.

Marilyn and Friend

Her tail curled and rested on her back, kind of like the curly tail of a pig. We had never seen that before and a cat.

Yesterday, at age 13, this little light in our world was lost to cancer. We are so grateful that we had her in our lives, but we are heartbroken. The house is so quiet now. This is the first time that we lived with only one dog and one cat, after having lost our dog, Baxter, to cancer just weeks ago. There is no one who needs a series of daily medications. There is no one who needs to be convinced to eat and drink.

There is no one who we wake up in the middle of the night to check on. No kitty diapers to wash. No frequent trips to the vet and vet specialist. No more frequent claims to their health insurance. Sigh.

Cat Marilyn

Marilyn was so special. I loved her more than I can say. I think the knowledge that she was in the cage at the shelter for a year and that she only just turned 13 makes this even more painful. She deserved so much better. We did everything we could to give her a wonderful life with us, but we hoped it would have lasted longer.

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