Maybelle and Miles, Rescues 221 and 222 for The Gentle Barn
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The Gentle Barn
April 2016

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Maybelle was a dairy cow her whole life.

When it was time for Maybelle to retire, her owners wanted to thank her for her lifetime of service, so instead of sending her to slaughter, the family allowed her to come to The Gentle Barn instead.

When we brought Maybelle home to Gentle Barn, she kept crying and pacing and looking at us like she was trying to tell us something. It looked as if she were searching for a baby.

So we went back to the farm to see if she had a baby, and sure enough they had her 9 month old baby there.

We asked to have him as well and they agreed.

When we arrived home with the baby, Maybelle starting calling to him and he cried back.

When we opened the trailer door they ran to each other and were so happy to see each other. The two of them are inseparable and Maybelle has not uttered a sound since regaining her son.

Maybelle and her baby Miles will stay together for the rest of their lives at The Gentle Barn Tennessee and finally know what it is like to have a family.

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