Tabitha was the first cat I ever adopted
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June 2020

It was awful having to choose a cat – they are all wonderful. I recall picking her up and she loved it.

Cat Tabitha

I had to say goodbye to my precious Tabitha last Friday. It took me this long to write her tribute. Poor baby got so sick so fast. She was diagnosed with IBD or small cell lymphoma several months ago – but more recently I learned that she had a very aggressive cancer in her throat, which had spread to her lymph nodes and lungs. After being hospitalized, she rallied for a few days and then crashed. She was only 13 and I really expected that she would be with me for several more years. But there was no hope for her.

I miss her terribly and have a hole in my heart. Someone said these animals should come with a warning “guaranteed to break your heart.”

Tabitha was the alpha cat and had a big personality. She was a big purrer and when she saw me she began to purr. So sweet. She was a cuddle bug and loved to sit in my lap (all over me) and pushed me to the side of the bed so she could spread out at night. But that was OK with me. I called her my feline body warmer. Of course, she had several names. Her official name was Tabitha Rose Amber because she had amber colored eyes when she first came to me at about 9 months old. But I loved to call her Taboothie or Tabioca. And she answered to all of them.

Tabitha was the first cat I ever adopted – all the others had found their way to my door – usually by rescue. She came into my life in 2006 when I decided to get a friend for Sylvestra since she was missing her friend Minnie. It was awful having to choose a cat – they are all wonderful. I recall picking her up and she loved it. When I put her back into the large cage with her brother, she started smacking him – displaced aggression. Holly Staver/City Critters tried to steer me to a calmer black cat but there was something about Tabitha – her big personality – that I liked. And she was a Tabby – the same as my first cat as a child. So home we went. And she began to boss everyone around. Top cat.

Cat Tabitha

She loved and craved attention so enjoyed knocking things down from any surface. She also loved to try picking the bureau drawers open. She did not like closed doors.

IN 2018, I lost Sylvestra and it was just Tabitha and me. We became so close. It was wonderful. In April 2019, I adopted Dorsey. She tolerated Dorsey and they seemed to become friends. He loved her and emulated some of her behaviors. Tabitha would walk around with a ball in her mouth making noises and then Dorsey started the same thing with one of his toys. So sweet. Dorsey is kind of off since Tabitha crossed over – but I am hoping we will get closer. I already see it happening.

Thank you for reading this. I know those of you who did have been through this before and know how hard it is.

RIP dear girl. I will love you forever.

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