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ALF Liberates 33 Rabbits, 6 Doves, 3 Hens (Italy) and 5 Lambs (UK)

From NAALPO North American Animal Liberation Press Office
April 2024

ALF Liberates 33 Rabbits, 6 Doves, 3 Hens (Italy)

Received anonymously April 3, 2024:

rescued Rabbit

ENGLISH (translation):
26 March 2024, Northern Italy Liberated: 33 rabbits, 6 doves, 3 hens.

On a full moon night, we crossed mountain paths to reach the innocent and oblivious victims of this sick society convinced that animals are objects to be exploited. Fuck them all: the only law we follow is based on respect for every living form. Our law considers the animal genocide that is taking place all over the world to be illegal.

Our law deems it right and DUTY to free the innocent slaves held in prisons awaiting death because our justice is above your law and is the basis of the NEW law that will see you guilty of an unjustified crime in the future for which you will have to answer.


ITALIAN (original):
26 marzo 2024, Nord Italia Liberati: 33 conigli, 6 colombe, 3 galline.

In una notte di luna piena abbiamo attraversato sentieri di montagna per raggiungere le vittime Innocenti e inconsapevoli di questa società malata convinta che gli animali siano oggetti da sfruttare. Fanculo a tutti: l’ unica legge che seguiamo si basa sul rispetto di ogni forma vivente. La nostra legge ritiene illegale l’ Olocausto Animale che si sta consumando in tutto il mondo. La nostra legge ritiene giusto e DOVEROSO liberare gli schiavi innocenti detenuti nelle carceri in attesa della morte perché la nostra giustizia è al di sopra della vostra legge ed è alla base della NUOVA legalità che in futuro vi vedrà colpevoli di un crimine ingiustificato di cui dovrete rispondere.



5 Lambs Liberated for Easter (UK)

Received anonymously April 2, 2024:

rescued Lambs

As the nation celebrated Easter with a bloodbath of violence, roasting and tearing up the bodies of millions of innocent lambs, we fought back and saved the lives of five tiny lambs.

Having checked out the spot already, we crept in the shadows past a farmhouse where the scumbag farmers were watching TV and we entered a massive shed where mothers and babies were penned up. The noises were overwhelming as mothers gave birth and lambs cried out but we knew that these lambs only had weeks or months left to live and we had to act now.

We scooped up five lambs, reassuring the mothers that we were there to help their babies and we would ensure they lived long, joyful lives. We hope that they understood, despite our clear language barriers, and that we were saving them from a short life of misery and pain.

These five lambs will never have to experience the torment of a slaughterhouse. They will never have their bodies torn apart for profits. They will never be exploited ever again.

This action is in solidarity with all of those who lost their lives this Easter, a fucked up celebration of life that results in the murder of so many. We need this to inspire as many people to take action as possible. If not now, then when? If not you, then who?

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