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Handling Anger Toward Pre-Vegans

From Mariquita Solis, MVLCE,
September 2023

“It is through rapport and kindness that I will change the world, not through self-poisoning.”

Main Street Vegan

As I walked through the farmers’ market, I could feel the anger well up inside me. First it was the clown blowing up balloons. “Balloon after balloon, destroying the environment,” I thought. The clown smiled at me and said how cute my dog was. It was hard for me to smile back because I was fixated on the latex and the length of time it takes to break down. I gulped out a half smile and kept walking.

Photo credit: Canva

Next, I started looking at the booths, wondering if any of them had Vegan food. I asked over and over, “What do you have that’s Vegan?” and about 90% of the time, unless it was fruits or vegetables, the answer was, “I’m sorry we don’t have anything.” I could feel my blood boiling.

Why was life so unfair? Didn’t these people have a clue that animals were suffering for what they were selling?

I was exhausted and had to take a moment to breathe. I sat down in defeat, thinking, “When will the world change?” I let the pity sink in as it drained my last bit of energy. I thought, “I should just go home, get in bed and forget this ever happened!”

I looked down at little Louie, my pup, who was in a happy state enjoying the sunshine, the warmth of the earth, and the festive music. I felt a jolt of awareness. I thought about the people laughing next to us, the verdant fruits and vegetables grown with love and care, the families here to enjoy their time together, and I realized the only one I was hurting was myself.

Puppy Louie
Photo credit: Debbie Raduka

I took another deep breath and let the anger spill out of me. Looking up at the sky, I gave thanks for my awareness of animal issues and my devotion to other-than-human beings. I looked into my heart and sent love to their pain. I thanked them for their compassion. I mindfully made a shift at that moment. I would get up and walk through the farmers’ market again, this time sending love to all. I would mindfully realize that I was once like the pre-Vegans around me, unaware yet still kind. I thought, “It is through rapport and kindness that I will change the world, not through self-poisoning.”

I no longer was the victim, I was the light. As I walked through the market, my heart felt peaceful, filled with newfound understanding and compassion for all, and I knew that this mindful shift would help me make a positive difference in the world.

Mariquita Solis

Mariquita Solis is a Main Street Vegan-certified coach, Masters level, as well an Empowerment Expert and Coach dedicated to supporting struggling Vegans in finding peace and strength. With years of coaching and advocacy experience, Mariquita offers a unique approach combining emotional support and practical tools to align Vegans with their values. Her journey as an animal rights activist began in 1995, leading her to shift focus to coaching due to the overwhelming struggles faced by many Vegans. Through her coaching programs, Mariquita helps countless Vegans overcome challenges, fostering resilience, confidence, and clarity to make a positive impact. As the host of Empowered Vegans, she features inspiring stories and empowering conversations. Mariquita’s commitment to creating a compassionate world drives her advocacy work and coaching efforts. You can connect with Mariquita at Vegan Empowerment Coaching and YouTube. 

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