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From AAM Animal Activism Mentorship
August 2022

Billions of land animals are killed every year, as well as trillions of sentient aquatic beings, while only about 1% of vegans advocate for their liberation. Imagine the impact we could have if every human who cares about nonhuman animals was advocating for them! Our goal is to achieve animal liberation as quickly as possible; the only way this can be done is with more activists. Let us fight for their rights together!

animal activism mentorship


At the core of AAM is our one-on-one mentorship program. Mentees are paired with experienced and dedicated animal rights mentors to help them gain the knowledge, experience, skills, and confidence necessary to start advocating for animals.


  1. Apply to AAM using the Mentee Application Form.
  2. Once you apply, we will look at your answers and choose the right mentor for you! (check out our “mentors” page to view our list of trusted animal rights mentors).
  3. Once a mentor is selected for you, we will have them reach out to you and begin the mentorship!


Once you have gotten paired with your mentor, the 3 month long mentorship will begin. br />
Your mentor will help you recognize and work to overcome your obstacles. As well as assist you with setting and accomplishing animal rights goals.

Our mentors will help you to identify your existing skillset and how you can best use your existing skills to best help the animals. Of course, they will also help to push you out of your comfort zone so you can grow to be the best animal advocate possible.

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