EarthStream: Streaming Platform Supporting Animal Non-Profits Debuts
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FROM EarthStream
October 2021

We are excited about EarthStream because it has significant power not just to educate but to make real change for animals, people, and the planet.


As the planet faces unprecedented challenges, this essential new digital streaming world includes powerful and impactful narratives that change how people view animals and the environment. The new streaming platform features hundreds of shows at launch, with more content coming monthly.

EarthStream has developed a "giving back" business model which will feature non-profits in the animal and environmental protection world and allow subscribers to attribute their subscription to a non-profit of their choice. EarthStream donates 25-30% of subscription revenue to non-profits. The platform will be available to English-speaking territories via a 5.99 USD monthly or 59.99 USD annual subscription model. Some content will be available to watch for free without a subscription.


EarthStream provides a collaborative space for like-minded filmmakers, non-profits, and changemakers and allows viewers to connect the dots between them as they all work together to create positive change for our world.

“I am so proud to work with such a compassion-driven team who genuinely believe in EarthStream’s mission to promote a harmonious world for all. We are here to support the creative storytelling of our filmmakers and causes of our non-profits,” said EarthStream Founder Craig Swanson. “Our subscribers will help make a huge impact in this world just by watching.”

The EarthStream team is planning a holiday season premiere of the documentary film, Sanctuary, directed by Shannon Keith (Behind the Mask: The Story of People Who Risk Everything to Save Animals and Skin Trade). Keith is a director/producer, animal rights lawyer, and founder of Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) based in Los Angeles. BFP rescues beagles from research laboratories and finds them loving forever homes.


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