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Help Animals India 2022 Winter Newsletter

December 2022

Please read how donations to Help Animals India are protecting, saving and rescuing animals recently and of course all year long in 2022.

Help Animals India

Here's one success story:

Our Animal Support Ambulance is making a difference in many ways. We have been flooded with requests to set up the mobile camp from nearby villages that otherwise get no help for the animals. Community members help bring in the dogs so hundreds of dogs are sterilized and vaccinated this way in multiple camps as well as dogs in the Varanasi for Animals main clinic. Mostly it is children who spend a long time watching the help for the animals and many people keep visiting. They can learn and understand the work by flyers we distribute but also through our Television show (a TV Screen is on the side of the vehicle) as we make more and more people aware of preventing cruelty and the need to care for the animals.

Sterilisation has several benefits apart from population control - it improves the quality of life for the animal, reduces or eliminates health complications, reduces the urge to be territorial & prevents the birth of unwanted puppies who would otherwise compete for resources and struggle to survive.


Please read the ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE for more Successes for Animals.

sterilizing India's Cats

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