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Impossible Foods Transforms Former Cattle Ranch Into New 'Impossible Ranch'

From Paul Healey,
April 2024

The 70 acres of farmland will now grow and harvest key Impossible ingredients like soybeans and sunflowers, while also providing a safe haven for rescued cattle to live freely.

Impossible Ran ch
Impossible Foods Transforms Former Cattle Ranch Into New 'Impossible Ranch'

Impossible Foods has announced a “first-of-its-kind” ranch which will be used to grow key plant-based ingredients and also provide a safe haven for rescued cattle.

The new Impossible Ranch features 70 acres of farmland which was previously used as a traditional cattle ranch.

But instead of raising livestock, the ranch’s farmland will be transitioned by Impossible to instead “make meat the new way”. This will see the growing and harvesting of crops such as soybeans, sunflowers, and coconut trees, which all represent key ingredients in Impossible’s plant-based beef, chicken, and pork products.

Impossible’s social media channels will share the daily goings-on of farm life on the ranch, in a way that the brand describes as highlighting the simplicity of the ingredients and the farm-based roots of making Impossible meat from plants.

“As a leader of the plant-based category, we saw both a need and an opportunity to demystify meat from plants in a way that feels more approachable for consumers,” said Leslie Sims, Chief Marketing and Creative Officer of Impossible Foods.

And by refocusing the land on plants, the Impossible Ranch will serve as a safe haven for cattle too. That includes for those already living on the ranch: six cows, two steers, and one calf.

one Calf
Credit: Impossible Foods

“Impossible Ranch is a living and breathing educational resource where our commitments to giving back to the planet and supporting animal welfare are front-and-center, along with the plants representing key ingredients in our products”, adds Sims. “We want to bring consumers along on this journey and help them understand how choosing meat from plants can be a better choice.”

Impossible Chicken nuggets
The ranch will grow ingredients like soybeans and sunflowers, which are used in Impossible’s plant-based meats. Credit: Impossible Foods

The launch of the Impossible Ranch comes as Impossible Foods undergoes a revamped brand identity, which features a more food-forward and “meaty” approach to remind consumers that Impossible products look, cook, taste, and satisfy like meat from animals, but with a much lower environmental footprint and without the negative impact on animals.

Meat from Plants

Along with Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods has been at the forefront of brands that provide consumers with “meaty” plant-based meat alternatives.

Impossible’s most popular meat-free products include chicken nuggets, meatballs, and ground beef, which are stocked in the meat aisles at Walmart, Target, and more. Its plant-based beef burger has also had a huge impact in the restaurant industry, featuring in products like the Impossible Whopper which is available at every Burger King location in the US.

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