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Help Animals India April 2023 Newsletter

From HelpAnimalsIndia
April 2023

We provide grants for many organizations who work tirelessly to ensure that every animal under their care is happy and healthy, especially during these scorching weeks of summer heat.

Indian companion animals
In India: In the rural villagers near Kalimpong (through our partner Darjeeling/Kalimpong Goodwill shelter), W. Bengal Community members love their dogs so much. Here they are carrying them home after sterilizations.

Help Animals India goal and mission is Effective Altruism: In our last update we listed all of the 2022 grants given. So far in 2023 we have embarked on projects both old and new.

Our new grantees so far in 2023 are:

  • KAT (Kathmandu Animal Treatment)
  • Aurangabad for Animals - animal shelter and rescue service
  • People for Animals Delhi - for Kashmir, Bareilly and Kolkata
  • People for Animals Agra - animal shelter - cow feed and vet fee
  • Cattitude Trust - cat shelter, Chennai
  • Nepal Animal Welfare and Research Center (NAWRC) - major support for rural dog animal birth control
  • Animal Nepal - year round clinic and animal birth control for dogs in Lumbini (Buddha's Birthplace)
  • Aditi Parameshwaran - private rescuer in Mumbai
  • Darjeeling/Kalimpong Goodwill shelter - rural animal birth control 300 dogs



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