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Help Animals India April 2022 Newsletter

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August 2022

Help Animals India


Exciting News! Help Animals India will be a participant and a speaker at the upcoming Himalayan Vegan Festival in Nepal. Scheduled for mid-September, the festival will be the biggest plant-based event ever in the Himalayas! Free to the public, the organizers aim to change diets through education for all!

Elephants on the move! Aneesha, Gowri and Durga the three, dear rescue elephants currently residing at the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, or WRRC, near Bangalore will soon be moving to an even better location: a wild expanse of reserve forest which will serve as the first ever Elephant Care Facility in the State of Karnataka. This collaborative partnership between WRRC and the Karnataka Forest Dept. will eventually be a safe haven for even more elephants who have endured decades of abuse and maltreatment.

September 15-17, Kathmandu Nepal

A great activist has died! Amit Deol "the camel man of India" was the guiding force behind PFA (People for Animals) Sirohi, Rajasthan. We want to step in one again and help all the camels he saved , 110 camels will be moved to a new land under the auspices of Smt. Maneka Gandhi. Please help in his honor and if you can! Read more about the tragic death of two activists here.



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