Help Animals India February 2022 Newsletter
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FROM Help Animals India
February 2022

When we look into an animal's eyes, we see a sentient being like ourselves who deserves the same love, care and respect. And we know it's why you do what you do to advance this cause and fulfill this sacred responsibility we all share.

The pandemic has continued to take its toll on the groups and individuals saving the animals but the work continues and conditions will slowly improve. We sent out these email report only every other month but there is so much to tell of our recent grants. Here are some lovely photos, we are NOT sharing the rescue photos as some are to gruesome but many animals are getting rescued on a daily basis as well.

rescued Indian Dogs

Rescued animals must be fed and at Help Animals India grantee Karuna Society in South India the produce is grown to feed them by dedicated shelter workers who are otherwise marginalized. This brings a kinder world to the whole environment.

rescued Donkeys
Rescued from the brutal donkey brick trade at the Animal Nepal Dukuchhap Animal Sanctuary here is Rango Devi. She is from the Far West of Nepal and is incredibly hard working and great with the animals. The donkeys in the photo are Samir, Fudge, Lava and Kush.




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