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Help Animals India October 2022 Newsletter

From Help Animals India
October 2022

Himalayan Vegan Festival
Left to Right: Gauri Maurekhi of People for Animals Uttarkhand (a Help Animals India grantee read more about her outstanding work below); Help Animals India founding director Eileen Weintraub; the Honorable Maneka Sanjay Gandi of People for Animals (also a Help Animals India grantee); Renee King-Sonnen of "Rowdy Girl Sanctuary" (transforming attitudes towards cows in Texas).

Greetings to all of you caring people worldwide!

Help Animals India was honored to be a speaker at multiple events and a sponsor of the recent Himalayan Vegan Festival in Nepal to help spread the message of compassion. It was the largest such festival ever in the area.

At the conference we were able to connect and network in person with our grantees in Nepal, including Animal Nepal, Sneha's Care, SPCA Nepal and Magic Marble Foundation which offered free spay/neuter for any community dogs in the Kathmandu Valley.

While international speakers and participants forcefully pled the case for veganism and for "diet change to stop climate change," quite another story showed itself in the streets of India and Nepal with cows and buffaloes roaming everywhere (sadly, many will wind up illegally trafficked) and goats and chickens cruelly kept and awaiting slaughter. Plant-based milk alternatives are extremely limited to nonexistent in this part of the world.



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