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Interview with Ladislav Kuc, Former Animal Liberation Prisoner

From NAALPO North American Animal Liberation Press Office
March 2024

I noticed that one direct action has 100 times more effect than, for example, a public protestÖ. The prison's deputy director had me called when I entered the prison and told me that because I was a terrorist he was going to make my life hell and he really abused his powers.

Laco Kuc

Laco was released from prison a couple of months ago after a twelve year sentence for the setting of explosive devices at a McDonaldís. He has been trying to adapt to life outside as well as catching up with doctor appointments that prison completely neglected during his incarceration. He has quite a few health issues and is finding life outside quite complicated, specially navigating different doctors and hurdles with hospitals. He is also concerned about the huge social debt he still has to pay and is trying to fundraise for it.

Thanks to PhillyABC there is a fundraising site where anyone can send a few coins to support Laco, so if you can, please donate (cos he needs to raise 10k EUR) and if you are unable, please share far and wide, talk about it with mates and try and find other methods of support!

To other prisoner support groups, news collectives and anti-repression teams: please consider helping with this fundraiser. A fundraising gig, a merch run, whatever works best for you all, letís get Laco to the other side of his social debt so that he can focus on his mental and physical health and so he knows the world has not forgotten about him -

First of all, tell us about yourself!

My name is Ladislav Kuc. Our village is located 6 km from the second largest town in Slovakia, which is called Kosice. I spent 12 years in prison.

How was life in prison?

The guards called me a fucking terrorist. A fucking son of a bitch. The guards beat me. The prisoners made my life hell because when they beat me the guards allowed them to hurt me. I suffered a lot in prison I hate the bastards for whom I suffered so much.

The deputy director had me called when I entered the prison and told me that because I was a terrorist he was going to make my life hell. I have to admit that the bastard fulfilled what he promised me. I had to wash the toilets 3 times a day. The prisoners defecated on the floor on purpose and they rubbed the walls with shit and I had to clean it.

That sounds horrible, did you at least feel supported by people outside?

In prison, people started writing to me in English. I didnít know English, so I asked my mother for textbooks and started learning English. I taught myself English. Thatís why I can write and read in English quite well, but I canít speak English. People wanted to send me money, but the prison warden told me that if I get supporters to send me money, they will transfer me to a section where people will rape me. The prison warden really abused his powers.

What was your first thought when you came out of prison?

When I got out my first thought was to eat well. In prison the food was good but portions were small. My mother brought me about a dozen cakes which I ate on the way home.

Do you want to talk about your charge? Amongst other charges, you were accused of setting an explosive device at an empty McDonalds which caused no injuries.

Iím a sensitive person who sympathizes with animals, thatís why McDonaldís. I donít like it when the weak and defenseless are hurt. Animals canít protect themselves. Itís right to protect animals from abuse.

I noticed that one direct action has 100 times more effect than, for example, a public protest.

How can people support you now that you are out?

I have a big debt after prison, some to lawyers and some to fines. The full amount is 9792 EUR. I have been looking for job but after prison it is difficult to find a job. I need donations to help.

Is there anything else youíd like to tell those reading?

Thanks to every good person for every single dollar.


Please consider donating to Ladislav, sharing the fundraiser and organising fundraising events: 

Laco Kuc
Laco and Friend...

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