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June 2022

We are forming an exciting collaboration of professional educators and academics from various fields to provide learning resources and articles on animals and interrelated health, social justice and environmental issues.

Boy and Chick

Thank you for visiting VinE (Veganism in Education) an exciting educational initiative supported by and supporting educational professionals interested in encouraging the teaching of empathy from a vegan perspective.

The vegan way of life has widely recognised benefits for the planet, human health and social justice as well as being an active expression of compassion towards all sentient beings with whom we share the earth.

Our aim is to provide children and young people with the knowledge and skills to critically think about the way we define and use animals and inter-related health, social justice and environmental issues. This teaching will enable them to develop their own moral values and flourish as empathetic and ethically responsible citizens.

We will create and recommend materials for teachers concerned with encouraging empathy, compassion, good health and sustainable choice-making in their students. These resources will align with schools existing goals in educating children and blend easily into established subject areas, enhancing the content already provided. 

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