A Legacy Continues as We Embrace Transitions: Thank You, Martin Rowe
Animal Rights/Vegan Activist Strategies Article from All-Creatures.org

FROM Lantern Publishing & Media
February 2022

Martin: "Having published over 250 books at both Lanterns, I think I’ve given all that I can to book publishing. It’s time for others to continue.”

Martin Rowe

Martin Rowe, the co-founder with Brian Normoyle of Lantern Publishing & Media (LPM), and, before that, the co-founder with the late Gene Gollogly of Lantern Books, is leaving LPM to become the executive director of the Culture & Animals Foundation (CAF).

“After 27 years in the industry, and having published over 250 books at both Lanterns, I think I’ve given all that I can to book publishing,” Martin says. “It’s time for others to continue.”

Lantern Books

Those otherLantern Books Images are Brian Normoyle and Emily Lavieri-Scull, who’ve worked at Lantern for two and six years, respectively, and publishing associates Pauline Lafosse, Liza Barkova, Hanh Nguyen, and Kara Davis.

“Martin has been instrumental in developing ground-breaking books on animal rights and veganism,” says Brian, the new president of LPM, “as well as books on social justice, health and wellbeing, and spirituality. Whether it’s Sistah Vegan, edited by A. Breeze Harper, We Animals by Jo-Anne McArthur, Divine Therapy & Addiction by Fr. Thomas Keating, The Parallel Process by Krissy Pozatek, or Five Spirits by Lorie Eve Dechar—among many, many other titles—Martin and Lantern have been consistent in their vision of a more expansive, more generous, and less violent world for humans and others.”

Brian Normoyle:

"We cherish that heritage. Furthermore, we're redoubling our commitments to thoughtful, engaging, and accessible books for those who wish to change their lives and the wolrd for the better." 

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