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I Called the Oatly Emotional Support Hotline for Vegans Struggling with Thanksgiving

From Carrie Vrabel,
November 2022

Turkey Zillah
Zillah is a rescue turkey who lives at the amazing Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Yes, I need emotional support… STAT! So, I called! Thanksgiving is often the most difficult day of the year for those of us who live a plant-based lifestyle. Between feeling misunderstood and judged by non-vegan family members and being surrounded by heaping plates of meat, many vegans find themselves white-knuckling the holiday. It’s especially tough because we know there are SO many delicious, plant-based options that would satisfy everyone and be better for their health, the climate and.. of course.. the turkeys. Can you say…grrr.

Hello Oatly? Help!

Thanks to Oatly, the company that provides me with my favorite plant-based milk, surviving this year’s Thanksgiving dinner will be a little easier.

This week, VegNews announced the arrival of the Oatly Emotional Support Hotline for Plant-Based Eaters, and here’s what happened when I called.


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