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Seb Alex’s 2022 Animal Photojournalism Fellowship Portfolio

November 2022

I hope when people see these photos they’ll think twice about the importance of speaking up for animal rights.

Frog farm
Frog farm, Indonesia, 2022. Seb Alex / We Animals Media

Born and based in Lebanon, animal advocate and vegan educator Seb Alex has spent the past few years focused on photography, using his camera to expose what animal agriculture industries try to hide from the public. Seb was the first-ever We Animals Media’s Animal Photojournalism Fellow, completing his Fellowship in 2022 over a period of eight months.

An interview with Seb Alex

We sat down with Seb to find out about his Fellowship journey, including his time in the field documenting various animal industries and stories, his overall learnings from the WAM team, and what he’s taking forward with him in his activism and photography work.

We Animals Media (WAM): What did the Fellowship help you achieve?

Seb Alex (SA): “It helped me create the time and space to concentrate on animal photojournalism more than I have done in the past, as well as get feedback from other animal photojournalists and editors.”

WAM: What kinds of issues, industries and animal stories did you document? Do you have any particular stories from the field that you can share?

SA: “I tried to visit as many farms and industries as possible. I was able to shoot at chicken farms, rabbit farms, shrimp farms, lobster farms, frog farms and more.

A moment I’ll never forget was how a baby rabbit was almost crushing their sibling while trying to reach for water in the same cage with their mother. There was simply not enough space to move around and there was nothing I could do to help. I hope when people see these photos they’ll think twice about the importance of speaking up for animal rights.”

Rabbit Farming
Frog Farming
Shrimp and Lobster Farming
Chicken Farming
Egg Farms


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Seb Alex
Animal Rights Activist and We Animals Media Fellow, Seb Alex.

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