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LCA's 'Super Cow' Wins Bet Short Film at Santa Monica Film Festival

From Last Chance for Animals
January 2023

A condemned cow's last chance at freedom. Told in gripping #StopMotion animation and featuring music by Moby, #SuperCow is the story of Daisy and her daring escape from slaughter.

Super Cow

Great news! On January 22, LCA's "Super Cow" won Best Short Film at the Santa Monica International Film Festival. The Festival showcases award winning independent films from local, national and international filmmakers.

"Super Cow" - produced by LCA, directed by LCA's Dustin Brown and featuring music by Moby - follows the journey of a dairy cow, named Daisy, as she attempts a daring escape from slaughter.

Told in stop-motion animation, "Super Cow" sheds light on the millions of animals lives lost every year to the meat and dairy industries. If you haven't seen it - watch "Super Cow" here on our YouTube channel.

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