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A Vegan Behind the Scenes of the Envigo Beagle Rescue

From Karen Asp,
April 2023

And I wonder: What if the beagles were in the truck going to slaughter and we were going to rescue the pigs? Would people wake up to the disconnect then? It’s a rhetorical question, of course. My hope? That the beagles serve as a conduit for more than animal testing awareness and inspire a world where cruelty-free becomes the default for everything.

rescued Beagle
Photo credit: Karen Asp

Remember the historic rescue of almost 4,000 beagles from Envigo last summer? I was one of the volunteers who transported some of the beagles from a future destined for a research lab to one of freedom. I can guarantee everybody involved was moved by the experience, but with my vegan lens, the rescue took on greater meaning.

The four of us on this mission from Humane Fort Wayne didn’t know what to expect. All we knew was to arrive at Envigo on a Thursday morning, with no guarantee of getting any of the 25 beagles we’ve agreed to take. And using cameras or cell phones on the property could jeopardize everything.

hat morning we parked at the end of an unidentified road amongst lush forest, with a massive grassy area surrounded by a menacing fence with “no trespassing” signs around its perimeters. If we were to drive three minutes past the fence, we would reach the plant (so says Google) where hundreds of dogs were abused, something an undercover PETA investigation exposed. While animal testing is legal in all but nine states, Envigo violated the Animal Welfare Act, which triggered the beagle release.


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rescued Beagle
Photo credit: Karen Asp

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