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L.A.'s First Vegan Food Bank Scores

November 2022

LA’s first vegan food bank: helping underserved Angelinos with healthy and compassionate food since launching in May 2022.

black vegans

The new L.A. Vegan Food Bank is feeding people and rocking out the revolutionary concept of food equality. This wildly popular, 100% vegan, program helps Los Angeles citizens get the food they need, while also saving animals from slaughter and lowering the carbon footprint of those who partake. Fact: plant-based food has a much lower emissions price tag than meat or dairy.

Of course, trend-setting LA has long been a mecca for vegan restaurants. But, not everyone can afford to eat at a restaurant. Now, economically challenged Angelinos, who might have been condemned to eat junk or nothing at all, can go home with a basket of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and plant-based products after a fun-filled trip to the LA food bank.

This project, launched by Vegans of L.A. in May 2022, in partnership with Hope On Union Food Bank, has been a success thanks to founder and manager Gwenna Hunter. Finding herself at the intersection of two liberation movements, Black Lives Matter and animal rights, she has been very active and become one of America’s most cutting-edge and talked-about social justice campaigners, recently featured on GenV. UnchainedTV’s Jane Velez-Mitchell interviewed her to learn more about this most recent project that’s inspiring a lot of people!


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