Veganuary 2021 Campaign in Review
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December 2021

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When we were first confronted with the possible consequences of an ongoing global pandemic in early 2020, we didnít know what to expect or how it would impact our work going forward, but we knew that things would change drastically and challenges would be put in our way.

We knew that it would be difficult to cut through the noise and generate media attention for our cause and to drive corporate change forward when countless businesses were closed or unable to plan their marketing activations or product launches in an unstable climate dominated by lockdowns all over the world.

That is why it fills me with immense pride and joy to report that the Veganuary team has been able to navigate through these challenging times with a huge amount of dedication, vision, and hard work. By finding alternate strategies and creative solutions we ended up inspiring record numbers
of people to chose a vegan diet and we surpassed our objectives for the 2021 campaign by far!

I hope you will enjoy reading this review and will celebrate with us the amazing progress we were able to achieve for veganism this campaign.


Please read the ENTIRE REPORT HERE (PDF)

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