VegKins: Vegan Family Fun
Animal Rights/Vegan Activist Strategies Article from

FROM Animal Rights Coalition - Minneapolis
March 2022

VegKins is a Minnesota family group for vegan children and their parents.


VegKins, a program of the Animal Rights Coalition, is a local family group for vegan children and their parents. The group was formed in 2008 and has grown every year since.

VegKins families meet once a month for play groups, waffle parties, field trips, story hours, and more.

We also throw a big annual Halloween party and in the spring we get together for an old fashioned vegan egg hunt (plastic eggs are old fashioned, right?).

Kids have a blast together at VegKins events while their parents have an opportunity to discuss everything from how to explain vegan values to young children to cooking kid-friendly vegan meals; from our favorite animal-friendly children’s books to disapproving grandparents; from … well, you get the idea.

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