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As A Vet, I Would Protect All Animals from Harm—But The Law Won't Let Me

From Celeste Esser,
July 2023

I am becoming a veterinarian in order to help animals, and that is the same reason that I am going to continue engaging in open rescue.

Celeste Esser

As a pre-vet, my goal is to help animals live long, healthy lives. But I know that becoming a veterinarian is not enough. Not in a world where vast numbers of sick and vulnerable animals cannot be legally helped—because they are considered the “property” of a corporation that uses them for profit.

In a world like this one, I have to be an activist. And that is why earlier this month, I walked out of a Petco in San Francisco carrying four mice, now named Amy, Mara, Simba, and Keri, in my arms. I didn’t pay for them. I rescued them.

Rescuing these four mice was absolutely worth the risk, because the animals possibly could have ended up hand-fed to somebody’s snake. Live-feeding has been widely condemned by veterinarians as inhumane both for the trapped and terrified mice and the snakes who risk being bitten.

The mice sometimes wait hours or days in fear before they are eaten.


  • The prolem with Petco
  • Selling animals for profit is wrong
  • Right to Rescue around the world


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