10 Ways Volunteering at a Farm Animal Rescue Is Therapeutic
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FROM Patricia Campana, MVLCE, MainStreetVegan.net
March 2022

They cannot speak my language and they may not understand my words, but they do understand my love.

sanctuary Cow
Photo credit: Patricia Campana

Several years ago, pre-vegan but vegetarian, I toured a farm animal sanctuary here in San Diego County. During the tour I heard stories of these rescued animals and one story touched me the most—Gracie Lou, a rescued dairy cow. Gracie Lou was less than one year old and destined to be slaughtered because she could not produce milk.

Farm Animal Refuge saved her. I heard her story, learned about the horror of the dairy industry, and from that day forward I became vegan and never looked back. Gracie Lou is my vegan story.

I wanted to be a volunteer at this sanctuary, but it was a 90-minute drive each way. It tugged at my heart, and I decided to say, “Yes!” A life-changing decision. I signed up for a shift on Sunday mornings and this became my personal therapy. I am a psychotherapist, and during my work week I hear and respond to human pain.

Going to the sanctuary is my therapy. The long drive out of the city alone is therapeutic.

Here are ten other ways volunteering at a farm animal sanctuary is therapeutic... Please read the ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE.

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