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Faith and Anymals, Interview with Lisa Kemmerer

November 2023

Dr Lisa Kemmerer scholar, animal activist and founder of the educational and vegan organisation, Tapestry, explores Christian perceptions of animals and offers advice for those considering veganism.


Tell us about yourself and work as an activist

Thank you for your interest and for inviting me. First, I think the work you do at Sarx is fabulous and extremely important. The religious side of anymal[1] activism has been neglected for decades. Thank you.

I am a scholar activist. My area of study is philosophy – ethics. I have been concerned about anymals since I was a child, and my parents were teachers, so becoming a scholar was in my bones. As a scholar, I have always worked across lines—across species, across causes, across religions. I am now retired and work more intensely in the interface of animal activism and religions.

I founded Tapestry for this purpose: to continue activism more generally, but also to focus on religions. Tapestry provides information free of charge for activists: research and websites, individual mentoring, presentations, and consults. Everything that Tapestry does, we do for free. Book sales and donations fund the rest of what we do.

I am currently working on a website, This site offers information from Animals and Judaism, Animals and Christianity, Vegan Ethics: AMORE, and the previous publication, Animals and World Religions, free of charge, to people around the world. The website will provide a comprehensive coverage of key teachings inside each religious tradition with regard to anymals.

No one else is doing this work because it is (naturally) so complex—it requires a gigantic investment of time in research across religious traditions, as well as connecting with activists of faith from different religious traditions to be sure that the site suits their needs and understandings of their faith. I have completed the research and writing for Judaism and Christianity, and those books are available. We have uploaded Judaism, but need to raise funds to upload Christianity.

Includes Lisa's responses to:

  • Tell us about your new books Christianity and Animals and Animal Ethics: AMORE
  • How does Christian teaching influence our perceptions of animals?
  • What biblical insights have you found to be particularly important in reshaping our understanding of God’s creatures?
  • How have animals been positively treated within Christian tradition? What can today’s generation of animal advocates learn from this?
  • For what faith-based reasons might Christians consider going vegan?
  • What practical advice would you offer to those exploring veganism for the first time?


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