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GoldenRuleism: Living A GoldenRule-Guided Life

From Craig Cline
October 2022

Golden Ruleism

Why should we live the GoldenRuleism way? Because itís the right thing to do.

This brief booklet is for all of us earthlings.

Itís for our childrenóbut itís not a ďchildrenís book.Ē

I offer the GoldenRuleism (PDF) version as my gift to you.

If you find value in this booklet, please consider making a personal donation to a non-profit charitable organization of your choice. These organizations need and deserve our help. Letís give it to them.

Thereís a separate printed edition of GoldenRuleism. Understandably, thereís a reasonable cost to purchase that version.

Iíve not written this booklet for personal profit. I intend to donate any net proceeds of sales, after the expenses of production, distribution, mailing, and other expenses generally associated with a booklet, to various 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organizations.

Iím indebted beyond measure to everyone whoís been a part of shaping my lifeóespecially my wife Cherie. I deeply thank you all.

Please read and share GoldenRuleism.

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