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GoldenRuleism: Living A GoldenRule-Guided Life

From Craig Cline
October 2022

Golden Ruleism

This brief booklet is for all of us earthlings.

It’s for our children—but it’s not a “children’s book.”

I offer the PDF version as my gift to you.

If you find value in this booklet, please consider making a personal donation to a non-profit charitable organization of your choice. These organizations need and deserve our help. Let’s give it to them.

There’s a separate printed edition of GoldenRuleism. Understandably, there’s a reasonable cost to purchase that version.

I’ve not written this booklet for personal profit. I intend to donate any net proceeds of sales, after the expenses of production, distribution, mailing, and other expenses generally associated with a booklet, to various 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organizations.

I’m indebted beyond measure to everyone who’s been a part of shaping my life—especially my wife Cherie. I deeply thank you all.

Please read and share GoldenRuleism (PDF).

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