Interfaith Leaders Urge UNís COP26 to Adopt the Plant Based Treaty to Avert Climate Catastrophe
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FROM Interfaith Vegan Coalition
November 2021

Over 100 interfaith leaders sign an open letter urging COP26 delegates to avert a climate catastrophe through a societal shift toward plant-based diets.

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GLASGOW (November 4, 2021) ó Over 100 interfaith leaders including Rabbi David Rosen, former Chief Rabbi of Ireland, and Rev. Shad Groverland, Executive Director of Unity Worldwide Ministries, as well as dozens of faith based organizations issued a strong message to COP26 delegates today, urging them to adopt the Plant Based Treaty as a companion to the Paris Agreement.

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The open letter also urges delegates to the Glasgow Climate Change conference to endorse veganism as an important approach to averting a climate catastrophe. Given the plethora of delicious vegan options available today, adopting a vegan diet is easier than ever before. Emeritus Professor and President Emeritus of Jewish Veg Richard Schwartz coordinated the open letter initiative with Lisa Levinson, co-founder of In Defense of Animalsí Interfaith Vegan Coalition.

Read the complete letter and find the full signatories list at Interfaith Leaders Call for a Plant Based Treaty. Prominent religious dignitaries, scholars, leaders, and activists are among many signatories of the open letter....



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