Cattle Ranch Converted to Wild Horse Range
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FROM IDA In Defense of Animals
August 2021

The 4,700-acre Deerwood Ranch was used for cattle ranching for 30 years, has been converted into a Public Off-Range Pasture for 350 of the state’s wild mustangs.

Rich and Jana Wilson operate the 4,700-acre Deerwood Ranch near Laramie, Wyoming, which was used for cattle ranching for 30 years. However, they have done a most wonderful thing by converting their beautiful, privately owned land into a Public Off-Range Pasture for 350 of the state’s wild mustangs. 

Wild horses were rounded up in horrific helicopter chases that cause death, injuries, terror to these magnificent wild animals who are mostly sent to holding pens or are shipped off to be slaughtered for human food.

Having lost their original families and herds to BLM's roundups, this may not be the most ideal circumstance because of these horses are gelded males... they are now wild and free.

Because mustangs require no human care, the former cattle ranchers' work is now much less strenuous and time-consuming.

Rich and Jana now offer public tours for wild horse viewing instead of round-the-clock cattle exploitation. We’re incredibly thrilled by the transition for both the wild horses and the cattle.

You can support our work encouraging other ranchers harming animals to ethically convert their private land to wild horse ranges by donating today, or you can plan your own visit to a current Public Off-Range Pasture at

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