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How To Kindly Coexist With Extra Small Animals, Including Uninvited House Guests

From IDA In Defense of Animals
June 2023

When dealing with a conflict, it is important to remember to have empathy and compassion for these beings who we share a home with and who are a part of the greater ecosystem, just like we are.

bugs, spiders, moths

Warm weather is here and with it brings a myriad of insects and other small creatures like them both outdoors and in our homes. Many of us animal lovers are fans of insects, arachnids, and mollusks too, but even still, almost no one likes itchy mosquito bites, moths in their pantries, or ants traversing their kitchen counters. Not to fear! We’ve put together a guide on how you can compassionately coexist with these small beings, and if needed, non-lethally remove them from your home.

Topics include:

  • Deter Mosquitoes Naturally
  • Remove and Repel Ants Kindly
  • Coexist with Moths Indoors and Out
  • Gently Escort Spiders Back Outside
  • Help Wasps Help the Environment
  • Slide Snails Gently



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