'Cube Of Truth' Vegan Activists Campaign For Animal Rights
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Maria Chiorando, PlantBasedNews.org
November 2017

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Glasgow cube of truth
Activists in Glasgow shared footage with the public

The biggest ever global animal rights campaign took place on November 5 when activists around the world took part in International Cube Of Truth Day.

The event, which was coordinated by Anonymous for the Voiceless, saw around 200 'Cube of Truth' events take place around the globe.

The 'cubes' feature activists in a square formation, showing footage of factory farming ('truth') to the public.

As a result of the action, members of the public often pledge to try veganism.

Manchester cube of truth
Shocked passer-bys watch footage at Manchester's event

A growing movement

Activists from around the UK have been in touch with PBN to talk about hosting a Cube of Truth in their city.

According to organizers from Manchester: "30 people were confirmed to have taken veganism into consideration in Manchester on International Cube Day.

"Following a one-off in May, this was also Manchester's first cube event with its new organisers.

"We'll be holding one every month."

At the other end of the country, activists in Bournemouth had great success, saying: "We had a great cube of truth in Bournemouth with 20 volunteers and 58 conversions."


A cube event in Guildford, Surrey was described as a 'great success' by organizers Ben Rogers, Laura Bell, and Rob Halhead.

They added: "With 33 volunteers, including Rebecca Speed, who carried a TV screen for the during of the event, we managed to get a staggering 81 members of the public taking veganism seriously.

"One bystander who spoke with us was on his way to a Nando's restaurant nearby with his son they ended up enjoying a vegan meal and speaking to us again afterwards to let us know.

"We couldn't have done it without such a passionate team of activists, so we are sincerely thankful for their support."

Special guest

Campaigners in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire were joined by a special guest - Clover - a beautiful golden retriever rescued from a slaughterhouse in China.

rescued dog Clover
Chinese slaughterhouse rescue Clover joined the cube in Cheltenham

Organizers said: "We had 39 people seriously considering veganism, we also had a great write up in the local paper (which you can read here)."

Organizers behind Oxford's event added: "This was the city's second Cube of Truth, 23 attended, 66 people went away seriously considering veganism."

Planting seeds

Naomi Mulligan-Ward organized Portsmouth's event. She told PBN: "We had 18 volunteers, 42 people stopped to talk.

"Out of 42 passer-bys, 27 vegan seeds were planted, and nine were already vegan."


Marc Gurney, who organized Brighton's cube added: "It was a cold evening, although the energy amongst volunteers was high, and the outreach team was keen to talk to the public.

"Some of the audience were appalled with the footage they saw, and it was apparent that many others noticed as they walked by.

"56 candidates showed a genuine consideration in a vegan lifestyle."


Essex organizer Nicola Guernari said: "We had a small but passionate group of 11 volunteers for our Chelmsford chapter during international cube of truth day.

"We managed to get an amazing 30 conversions plus 3 new vegan AV volunteer recruits for future events! We had a really positive and uplifting day."


Leigh, Shirley, and Deanna organized Glasgow's event - the third cube the city has held (see main image).

They said: "The public were very engaged and showed enormous empathy when the brutal facts were before their eyes.

"Using laptop and device footage, the public could see standard farm practice first hand, highlighting the brutality that our food and product choices bring to animals.

"Outreachers spoke to the public explaining what they were seeing and how to prevent it, taking an abolitionist stand on animal exploitation and encouraging a vegan solution."

Taking veganism seriously

Sheffield had 26 volunteers take part in what was the city's second ever cube.

According to organizer Daniel Fryer: "Those who approached us were receptive to what we had to say. We tallied 60 bystanders leaving us taking veganism seriously."

Jordan Candeias co-founded the Nottingham event with Ross Hammond.

He told PBN: "This was our first ever cube in Nottingham, we had 44 activists turn up, and had a 20 man cube the whole time.

"At least 161 people left taking veganism seriously that day."

Awareness is key

Kerry Sedgewick of Leicester Animal Rights organized her local event, saying: "There were 16 of us, which was superb.

"Most of us were in the cube with tablets, laptops, and signs, while about four or five others were leafletting and chatting to intrigued members of the public.

"It was a great day, very positive and worthwhile event.

"What was and is always interesting to me is when you watch people watch the footage.

"Most people have a shocked reaction, then they want to ask you about it.

"Then they become open-minded and understand this reality - which wouldn't have happened without events like this, or stalls and demos.

"Awareness is key and without demos and vegans doing more activism it will only take longer for change for all animals."

Strong presence

Kent saw its second Cube of Truth take place in Canterbury. Organizers said: "It went very well, lots of positive conversations, and 34 people went away taking veganism seriously.

"We had 15 volunteers in total."

"We had a really successful first Cube of Truth in Luton yesterday," said organizer Ray O'Shaughnessy.

"Nearly 30 activists provided a strong vegan presence in the heart of the town for three hours.

"More than 80 people said they would consider going vegan as a result of conversations we held during that time."


Speaking about Bath's event - which was the city's first, organizers Celi and Jude said: "We were really well-received by a diverse crowd.

"Bath is massive for tourism, so we spoke to people from all over the world.

"20 activists took part and we had 42 conversions. We will be back."


Birmingham organizer Lizzie Vine said: "We had 38 volunteers, and 118 serious conversations with people who were genuinely affected by the issues we raised, including people who cried, one woman and one young family who pledged to go vegan on the spot.

"We've achieved much higher 'numbers' as a group in the past, but today felt like the best quality (over quantity) activism that we've done."


Fiona Lewis, who organized the Exeter event, was positive about the activism that took place on the day, saying: "We had a wonderful turnout of vegan activists, many more than expected.

"Several had come quite some distance to take part. So heartening to see such dedication. Great to meet many new dedicated faces.

"Despite the damper of the initial downpour, the great turnout of vegan activists were not deterred. In fact, most soon got busy with the cube or talking to the curious public.

"Waiting for transport home, I got talking to a member of the public, who, on discovering I was vegan, asked and received some culinary advice to cook a thank you meal, to a vegan friend who had done him a good deed.

"It was refreshing to talk to an open-minded carnist, who offered me his hand to shake, thanked me for my advice saying those precious little words that every activist longs to hear - 'you've opened my eyes'."

A day to remember

Organizers at Coventry's event reported on a positive outcome, using a small number of activists to great effect:

"This was the first Cube that we put together, and it was absolutely fantastic.

"Engaged with more people that we could handle, as there were only 12 of us including cubers.

"Even so, we still managed to engage in serious conversations with 35 people.

"It was an amazing day - definitely one to remember."

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