Interfaith Vegan Coalition
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Interfaith Vegan Coalition
July 2018


The Interfaith Vegan Coalition (IVC) helps activists and spiritual leaders bring vegan values to spiritual, ethical, and religious communities. The guiding ideals of most traditions are nonviolence, loving-kindness, and harmlessness.

We work with all faith and secular wisdom traditions to help them practice these ideals toward all animals.

Our religion-specific Advocacy Kits can help you veganize your place of worship!

Go HERE to learn more about Our Coalition Members that include individuals from diverse religions and wisdom traditions along with the organizations below:

  • American Vegan Society
  • Christian Vegetarian Association
  • Climate Healers
  • Compassionate Living
  • Dharma Voices for Animals
  • Faith Action for Animals
  • Godís Creatures Ministry
  • Jewish Veg
  • In Defense of Animals
  • United Poultry Concerns
  • Vegan Spirituality

We also forged alliances with the following organizations:

  • Interfaith Vegan Alliance
  • CreatureKind
  • Faith Outreach for HSUS

GO HERE to Try Our Advocacy Kits

  • Christian Advocacy Kit
  • Hindu: Advaita Vedantin Advocacy Kit
  • Jain Advocacy Kit
  • Jewish Advocacy Kit
  • Quaker Advocacy Kit
  • Unity Advocacy Kit
  • Buddhist Advocacy Kit
  • Catholic Advocacy Kit
  • Gaudia Vaishnava Hindu Advocacy Kit
  • Sikh Advocacy Kit
  • ZoZoroastrian Advocacy Kit

GO HERE to learn about Our Current Projects


Please contact us to join the coalition and attend our online meetings. We welcome people from all faiths and wisdom traditions. Feel free to ask us questions and request resources that you need to help veganize your place of worship.

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