Meditation as Animal Rights Activism
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Pascal Hurni, VLCE,
[MSVA-Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator (VLCE)]
August 2018

My aim is to get people to understand that everything is linked and that experiencing peace and harmony in the outside world starts first in our inner world.”


As a longtime animal rights activist, I took part in many protests and have been involved in a lot of activities, such as distributing flyers in the streets of my town, and running an information stand. Although I am still very active in this way, promoting veganism and raising awareness about what animal-based food means in terms of exploitation and cruelty, some years ago I started to practice a different and less mainstream way of helping animals: meditation!

This may sound a bit strange to anyone not particularly interested in spiritual things, but having meditated for many years now, I gradually discovered the strength of such a practice. So, what makes it this powerful ? Well, quantum physicists have now proven that everything in our universe is actually energy and that everything is vibrating on a particular level of energy. For instance, anyone depressed or ill will vibrate on a much lower level of energy than a companion full of joy and happiness. Actually, you don’t even need a pendulum or any technique to measure it; you can feel the difference between low or high energy with your own body as it spreads and eventually interacts with your own energy.

Regarding veganism, it is easy to understand that a gorgeous fruit grown in the sunshine will reveal itself with a much higher vibration than a piece of meat from an animal who has suffered both physically and psychologically during his/her short lifespan before being cruelly killed in a sordid slaughterhouse.


When you meditate, your thoughts and feelings are in direct relation to what is called the astral world or astral dimension. We therefore have an impact in the energy world before it gets manifested in the physical world. For this reason, the more you spread love, compassion, empathy, altruism and related high-vibe feelings in the astral world, the more the energetic field surrounding the Earth will positively impact every form of life on planet Earth, from humans to animals, plants and minerals. Back in the physical world, this will eventually make it easier to advocate for animals — not only because meditation will help you increase your own vibration, but also because the higher the global level of energy is, the easier it is to spread the message for veganism and a more compassionate world. More consciousness in the Earth’s energetic field means more conscious people ready to embrace love and compassion in their lives.

Of course, meditation or other spiritual practices are not intended to replace or substitute for direct action, which in the existing world is still strongly needed. If you see someone being attacked in the street, you won’t tell her/him, “Oh! don’t worry, I will go home and meditate for you.’ This person needs help right here and now. In the same way, factory farming still needs to be exposed, animals need to be rescued, and demonstrations should be held in their names.

Meditation can be seen as complimentary action on a different level. Did you know that during the last 20 years or so, many large-scale meditations have occured all over the world, involving thousands of people connecting together in the same time? And what is absolutely amazing is that they had a real, measurable impact, whether on environmental issues (e.g. pollution in the Gulf of Mexico) or in promoting peace in regions of war and conflicts. The strength and power of people meditating with the same goal has proven itself to be one of the most efficient ways to help heal the world. As animal rights activists, we should certainly not miss adding this useful activity to the array of ways in which we can help animals and create a more peaceful world.

Pascal Hurni

Pascal Hurni, VLCE, lives in the French-speaking part of Switzerland:

“I work as a payroll manager, and am also an ornithologist and longtime animal rights and environmental activist. I am spiritually minded, practicing meditation, shamanism, violet flame, altered states of consciousness, studying quantum physics and free energy sources, visiting on a regular basis high energy sites and crop circles especially in the UK (Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury). My aim is to get people to understand that everything is linked and that experiencing peace and harmony in the outside world starts first in our inner world.”

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