This Silent Protest was Heard Around the World
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LCA Last Chance for Animals
July 2018

See the powerful message activists sent to the government of South Korea to end the dog meat industry.

South Korean activists
South Korean Activists Silent Vigil

On Tuesday, July 17th, activists held actions in three cities to call for an end to South Korea's Dog Meat Trade. In Seoul, South Korea, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, protestors sent a clear message to the South Korean government: Now is the Time To Stop Dog Meat.

dog meat protest

dog meat protest

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Since the protest, this issue is garnering more attention than ever. Last Chance for Animals is kicking our Social Media effort into high gear to spread the word.

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dog meat protest

Bryan Monell

In Seoul and Los Angeles, activists held the bodies of deceased dogs to represent the one million dogs brutally killed every year in the dog meat trade. The protests were held on Bok Nal, the first of three non-consecutive days which mark the hottest days of the Korean summer. During this time the consumption of dog meat increases exponentially, as the dog meat soup called Boshintang is consumed in the belief that it cools the body.

On June 20th, 2018 Korean MP Pyo Chang-Won proposed a bill that would make the slaughtering of dogs for meat fundamentally illegal under S. Korea's Animal Protection Act. If it passes, MP Pyo's bill will be a severe blow to the country's dog meat trade.

Please visit and follow the instructions to sign this critically important petition.

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