Yoga Teachers’ Views About Farmed Animals And Plant-Based Diets
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Jenny Mace, Faunalytics
December 2018

This study aims to gauge UK-based yoga teachers’ attitudes about farmed animals and plant-based diets, so we can know how to best promote plant-based diets to this group.

In light of the spiritual-, ethical-, historical-, and health-related links between yoga and plant-based diets, my masters-level study set out to explore if these connections are alive and well in the dietary practices and attitudes of modern yoga teachers. The aim was to gain an understanding of yoga teachers’ beliefs about farmed animals and attitudes toward plant-based diets. Animal advocates could then use this information to tailor their message when promoting plant-based diets to this group.

I chose yoga teachers as the target group for the following reasons: 1) The U.N. estimates that two billion people practice yoga globally, so yoga teachers could have an influence on a large number of people’s dietary views (i.e., their students); 2) It can be useful to focus on groups of people who may be most receptive to a pro plant-based message to help the movement to grow; 3) No research currently exists concerning the views of yoga teachers on farmed animals and plant-based diets; and 4) I participate in the yoga-teaching community and have set-up the voluntary Animalia Asana® co-operative, so I have a particular interest in this area....

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