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Responsible Policies for Animals, Inc. (RPA)
July 2014

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RPA to Universities: Stop Teaching Animal Abuse

It is impossible to reduce animal abuse when massive, revered institutions promote it.

To Members and Friends Who Receive Persons by Email!

I hope you enjoyed a beautiful spring and that your summer will be rich in pollinators andvegetation.

I hope you will find the attached new issue of Responsible Policies for Animals' newsletter your support makes possible, the spring 2014 issue of Persons, informative, enlightening, disturbing, perplexing, and inspiring.

Below, I am providing a letter that RPA mailed to all of its members several weeks ago, requesting financial support. I hope you will find the activities and ideas reported in Persons worthy of your financial support. I am forever grateful for your moral support, which never ceases since you found RPA important to fund for reasons that we eternallyshare.

Best wishes,

David Cantor
Executive Director
Responsible Policies for Animals
Glenside, Pa., USA

May 2014


I hope this finds you well and enjoying spring!

I am grateful to you for fueling RPA’s decade of progress toward the equal rights all animals need, when you donated years ago. I hope you find RPA’s daily work promoting justice for all animals exciting and encouraging as told at and in RPA’s newsletters and Updates. And I hope you will resume your support of RPA at this crucial time.

Now more than ever before, those of us who see the need to go beyond fighting cruelty, helping animals, and shopping vegan – who grasp the need to create fundamental policy change by debunking false beliefs about human beings and other animals – must adhere to a rights-establishing strategy. RPA’s unique campaigns, lectures, interviews, and writing show the way.

Now is an ideal moment to intensify RPA’s many simultaneous endeavors. The long-term worsening of the plight of human beings and the other animals is clearer than ever before, with global heating and pollution unchecked, disease, poverty, and strife increasing throughout the human world, three plant or animal species vanishing every hour – and animal abuse an unacknowledged root cause of it all.

Among the groundbreaking activities your gift to RPA can ramp up: our demands that our massive network of agriculture colleges teach the truth about animals and stop teaching the false beliefs that sustain the unconscionable meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries, their devastation rippling through our species and the living world; our insistence that the news industry acknowledge its extreme speciesist bias and report the powerful role of animal abuse in human and nonhuman misery; and our constant effort to teach the public what our institutions suppress, by improving RPA’s communications and outreach. As I write, I anticipate another interview about these matters in just a few days!

I am dedicating my second half-century of life to establishing the equal autonomy, ecology, and dignity rights all animals need for a chance at a fulfilling life. I hope you will remain with me on this difficult but gratifying, life-affirming journey.

Donate to RPA today using the enclosed form and envelope. I think you will be pleased with all that your support of RPA will accomplish. I look forward to hearing from you, and I look forward to reporting ever more progress. A new issue of RPA’s newsletter, Persons, is coming soon!

Thank you very much, and best wishes!

David Cantor
Executive Director
Responsible Policies for Animals

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