Persons - Spring 2016 Newsletter
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Responsible Policies for Animals, Inc. (RPA)
June 2016

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I'm attaching the spring 2016 issue of Persons, the newsletter of Responsible Policies for Animals. Enjoy!

In addition to updates on RPA's increasingly ambitious and exciting three main campaigns, this new issue of Persons helps to explain a perennial conundrum of animal advocacy: why large and well-funded animal organizations do such unambitious things on a large scale without creating any change to civilization's animal-abuse policy while small organizations like RPA work for major change.

Always feel welcome to discuss RPA's work with me. And consider having me facilitate your participation per the article "Lend Your Voice ..." on the cover page of the attached issue of Persons.

I hope you are enjoying the spring in good health and spirits.

All best wishes,
David Cantor
Executive Director
Responsible Policies for Animals

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