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October 2019

In 2018, it took 50 million fox, mink and raccoon dogs to satisfy China's demand for fur-fashion.

Read the full report here:  China’s fur trade and its position in the global fur industry (PDF)

Dead Foxes
As fashions change, the number of fox produced in China has risen recently...

We've just published new research that shows real fur is still big business in China. China produces and consumes more fur than the rest of the world put together, with retail sales worth more than three times those of any other country.

In 2018, it took 50 million fox, mink and raccoon dogs to satisfy China's demand for fur-fashion. That's as many animals farmed and slaughtered for their fur than the UK's entire population of domestic pets. The suffering to captive wild animals, devastating pollution of the environment and exploitation of factory workers inflicted by the industry are on an unprecedented scale.

Reducing profitability by lowering demand

The Fur-Free movement is making good progress in the fight against real fur in Europe and the US. Stricter welfare standards have reduced profitability, and governments are increasingly phasing out fur farming. But in China, where there's a lack of enforceable law and trade in fur is still profitable, demand remains high.

Minks in sheds
At one breeding farm in China, 52,000 mink exist in endless rows of sheds...

Education to reduce demand for fur in China

At ACTAsia, we believe that education is the most effective way to reduce demand for fur in China.

Fur is a fashion must-have among millennials and many younger citizens in China. But our consumer surveys conducted over four years show the majority who wear fur haven't even thought about where it comes from, and many don't realise it's real fur.

A profile of a dedicated follower of fur-fashion in China:

  • A quarter don't realise they're wearing real fur
  • More than a third bought it because it's fashionable
  • Half prefer fur trim to full fur coats
  • Three quarters are millennials, aged 18 to 30
  • More than three quarters commit to living Fur-Free once they have been educated in how fur is produced

Fur cruelty

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