For the abolition of veganism, for the abolition of animal exploitation
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April 2021

This strategy, also used historically in the movement for the abolition of human slavery, will allow us to have a majority of people having the political opinion that killing animals for simple food habits has to be banned, even if they are not all boycotting products of animal exploitation. Which will help us to get a ban on animal exploitation.

About the necessary paradigm shift needed in the animal rights movement.

I. Introduction

I am an animal rights activist from Switzerland and after studying sociology of social
movements and history of human slavery abolitionists, I decided to write this text. Of course ,
I boycott animal products and I hope that this text will help our movement to evolve and
become more effective.

a. Nonhuman animals are slaves

Ever since Darwin we have clearly known that human beings are not the only animals to
have interests and to feel emotions. Nevertheless, nonhuman individuals are legally a
property in our speciesist society. Considered as a ressource, they are exploited for their
milk and eggs ; are killed for their skin and flesh ; are used as a biological for
experiments , The definition of slavery is the following: the condition of being legally
owned by someone else . Therefor e, nonhuman animals are slaves....


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