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FROM Sarina Farb, Born Vegan
January 2021

I want to help empower YOU, because I believe with all my heart that individuals can and will change the world.

born vegan

Inspiring you to live according to your values by delivering supportive, expert advice grounded in science and sustainable practices that promotes justice for all, protecting the planet, and holistic health.

Adopting an ethical, plant-based lifestyle in a modern culture addicted to exploiting people, animals, and the planet, for profit, can be overwhelming, confusing, and isolating.

Sarina's work offers resources for:

  • thinking critically
  • gaining confidence
  • making a difference

Sarina Farb is a science educator, speaker, and vegan advocate who is working to create a peaceful, just, and sustainable world for all beings.

Her many projects include creating videos on her YouTube channel Born Vegan, being co-founder and co-host of the 2020 Climate Diet Summit, host of the Science is Gray Podcast, and host of a Plant Based Science and Policy TV show.

Being born and raised vegan taught Sarina to think critically at an early age, and to stand for justice even when itís unpopular. She also currently serves on the Plant-Based Network advisory committee, is a member of the American Vegan Society Speakers Bureau, and her work and writings have been featured in numerous publications including several books.

She holds degrees in biochemistry and policy studies from Grinnell College.

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