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FROM Be Fair Be Vegan
December 2019

Outdoor advertising is not only one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising, but it is the only type of ad that viewers can’t turn off or put down.

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We are excited to announce that, going forward, the same generous sponsor who funded the NYC campaign, has offered 2 to 1 matching funds to help successful applicants seeking to bring the Be Fair Be Vegan campaign to their (or another) location.

Outdoor advertising is not only one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising, but it is the only type of ad that viewers can’t turn off or put down. Vegan advertisements in public spaces are an ideal vehicle for reaching people from all walks of life, including those who might never come across this information otherwise. Be Fair Be Vegan is the only public advertising campaign whose message of equality and justice for all animals is not only central to the campaign itself but it is clearly spelled out in every poster, every ad, every billboard. By bringing these provocative, touching, and inspiring posters to more and more locations, we have the opportunity to share with people walking the streets of our cities the truth that veganism is not a matter of choice or convenience but a matter of justice. It is the only understanding that can bring about meaningful and lasting change.

If you wish to propose a new phase of the campaign, please read our expansion guidelines and contact us. Thank you.


  1. The objective of the Be Fair Be Vegan campaign has been, from the start, to promote the uncompromising vegan message, not any particular organization (including BFBV). To that end, throughout the New York City campaign and beyond, we’ve avoided referring to Be Fair Be Vegan as an organization. Instead, we’ve presented Be Fair Be Vegan as a message, an educational resource, and an animal justice campaign. In the interest of maintaining this important focus, we ask groups and individuals who are interested in helping to expand the campaign to please respect our original (and ongoing) objective regarding prioritizing the message over the organization, and to run the campaign simply as Be Fair Be Vegan, rather than identifying it as an effort by their group, or using the campaign to promote any person or group in particular (including BFBV).
  2. The campaign’s message and position is abolitionist: Veganism is a matter of fundamental justice, not a “lifestyle”, or personal choice. It is simply something we owe anyone who is sentient. We do not promote welfare reform, we do not support single issue campaigns, and we oppose efforts to promote “reducetarianism”, vegetarianism, meatless Mondays, etc. Therefore, we require that the campaign not be used to promote any of the above, directly or indirectly. We ask local groups and individuals to please respect BFBV’s abolitionist message and position.
  3. The artwork must be used without any modifications, including the website. BFBV will send the artwork directly to the media company. If modifications are necessary, BFBV will make the edits and submit revised copy.
  4. We ask that all media inquiries be directed to BeFairBeVegan.
  5. BFBV will provide literature and outreach materials to be used in all tabling, leafletting and outreach events associated with the campaign.
  6. Fundraising - If the group wishes to set up a crowd-funding page for the purposes of expanding the campaign, we ask that the page be identified simply by the campaign’s name and message. For example, ‘Help Bring the Be Fair Be Vegan Campaign to [Location]’. As opposed to, ‘Be Fair Be Vegan, a [Group’s Name] Campaign’.


Be Fair Be Vegan is an animal justice campaign that seeks to educate the public about veganism, understood as a philosophy and way of life that seeks to avoid animal use, exploitation, and harm as much as is practicable.

BFBV opposes animal exploitation in all forms, and rejects the notion than animal welfare practices, laws or regulations can provide any meaningful protection for victims of exploitation. BFBV also rejects single issue campaigns (understood as campaigns that focus on one or a few specific kinds of use or exploitation) as ineffective and counterproductive, as they may give the public the erroneous impression that, while the form of exploitation being targeted is unnecessary and unacceptable, other forms of exploitation are, or may be, necessary or acceptable. BFBV maintains that educating the public about how and why to be vegan should be front and center of all animal advocacy campaigns, because only vegan advocacy can address the root cause of all animal abuse: human speciesism and its associated exploitative practices.

If other animal advocacy groups are interested in bringing the Be Fair Be Vegan campaign to their areas, we ask that all such groups respect the wishes of BFBV that our work be used only for the purpose of promoting veganism.

Furthermore, we explicitly ask that every individual using our work for advocacy be familiar with the facts we reference, and that they accurately reflect our position as an abolitionist, nonspeciesist organization. 

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