A celebration message from the Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports
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FROM League Against Cruel Sports
December 2020

Two and a half millions acres of land have been denied to hunters.

fox hunting

Two and a half millions acres of land have been denied to hunters. That’s how we are ending a year that none of us saw coming, from the country’s largest landowners down to individual councils all waking up to the smoke screen that is ‘trail’ hunting. Thanks to your incredible support, the League has not been defined by the sad and bad news of 2020. Instead, together, we have protected more animals than ever this year. Here are some highlights:

  • ‘Trail’ hunting licences across the country are being suspended in light of the admission by the hunting community that ‘trail’ hunting is merely a smokescreen for their illegal activities. Thanks to your support, we were able to launch a campaign immediately which aims to turn these suspensions into permanent bans.
  • We created the first interactive map of hunt territory, enabling members of the public to contact their local council and demand an end to hunting on public land. So far, over 110,000 emails have been sent to councils and major landowners.
  •  fox being hunted by the Dulverton Farmers Foxhounds was dramatically saved by our staff when it fled into our St John’s Wood sanctuary, showing just how important these refuges are for persecuted animals.
  • The Scottish Government has promised to strengthen the hunting ban in Scotland. We look forward to productive discussions with them and will keep you updated on our progress.
  • We and our partners at Revive Coalition launched a Dragon’s Den parody video that’s already been watched over 100,000 times. It shows just how ludicrous the shooting industry is and I highly recommend you watch it. We also helped achieve a ban on the mass culling of mountain hares in Scotland; saving untold numbers of these iconic creature.
  • We’re now offering our supporters free wills via our partnerships with The Goodwill Partnership and Bequeathed, who offer their services online, via phone or in person. Many of you have taken advantage of this service already and we’ve had great feedback.
  • Our supporter-funded Animal Crimewatch hotline supported a police investigation into a professional dog fighting pit, which led to the prevention of such horrific events taking place and dogs being forced to fight for their lives.
  • We published Calculating Cruelty, a two-year intensive survey of legal predator control on Scottish grouse estates, highlighting the estimated 260,000 animals killed every year to maintain high numbers of grouse for shooting.

When we thrive, animals survive. We couldn’t wish for stronger or more dedicated supporters. We’ve rarely been better placed to continue to curtail the cruel and senseless activities of those that hunt, shoot and fight animals for fun. Please be proud of the part you’ve played in improving the welfare of animals and join with us to do even more in 2021. Together we can – and will – end cruel sports for good.

I hope you’re all able to spend time with your families over the holiday period, be it in person or virtually. If you’re in need of a change of scenery for your festive Zoom calls, do download some beautiful backgrounds from our flagship wildlife sanctuary, Baronsdown, where foxes, badgers, stags, hares and pheasants will spend this Christmas in peace. 

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