Rooster Redemption: 'We are an ethical sanctuary'
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September 2020

Roosters (male chickens) are the most abandoned, unwanted, exploited, and stigmatized land animal on the planet... We devote our time, energy, and patience toward these birds who are the underdogs in the rescue world.

Rooster Koda
Koda, our 2nd rescue. He was hatched in a kindergarten classroom with his brothers Cain and Nacho, then given away to a backyard chicken farmer. Once he started crowing, he was no longer wanted because roosters were prohibited.

We are an ethical sanctuary.

The definition of sanctuary is: "a place of refuge or safety."

Our Code of Ethics:

1. Proper nutrition. We feed our residents quality low-fat food by Roudybush. Most chicken food on the market is created to put weight on birds quickly or increase egg-laying, all based on human consumption and exploitation. We also feed our birds a variety of greens, vegetables, and fruit.

2. Safe enclosures. We provide an individual run and sleeping area for each of our birds. (this is a work in progress, we are still building more sleeping coops and runs). Runs include netting over the top to prevent aerial predators. This allows them to converse with each other and see each other while staying safe from predators and from fighting with each other. Our long term goal is to create a large fenced in area where multiple roosters can have supervised visits and socialization, and potential integration into bachelor flocks. An even longer term goal is to put fencing in our woods so they can spend time in the trees like chickens historically did prior to domestication.

3. We refrain from offering regular public tours. Most of our education is provided via social media, Facebook and Instagram, as well as outside conferences and Twin Cities Veg Fest. We hold a few special events annually where supporters can meet and interact with our birds. Requests for special visits are always welcome, you can contact us at [email protected].

4. Quality vet care. We have developed a relationship with an avian experienced veterinarian Dr. Larry Thole at Valley View Pet Hospital and for 24-hour emergency care we visit Como Park Animal Hospital. A necropsy is performed for each bird who passes away so we can know the exact cause and improve anything that is needed for current and future birds.

5. Our board members are vegan.

6. Proper memorial and burial. Every bird who comes to our sanctuary is an individual who deserves love, dignity and respect no matter how long they have lived with us, no matter where they came from, and no matter how they died. When they transition, they are cremated and ashes are spread in our memorial garden. It is very important for us to remember these birds and honor them just like people would honor a cat, dog, horse, pig, etc. We will always inform our supporters of any medical issues or deaths at Rooster Redemption, in a timely manner.

7. We strive toward green practices. We are solar and natural gas powered. Our barn has in-floor radiant heating, the most efficient and safe way to keep our birds warm.

8. Lastly, we operate with 100% transparency. We started this sanctuary with limited experience with chickens and every day there is something new to learn. We will always be open and honest, willing to answer questions at any time. We welcome tips, feedback, and constructive criticism to make changes that keep us striving for a gold standard of care for our birds.

Rooster Redemption

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