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October 2019

‘The time for horse racing has passed. It’s time to outlaw it.’

horseracing kills

Yesterday, BloodHorse, a prominent industry publication, ran an article the title and theme of which was “not enough,” as in not enough is being done to save the sinking horseracing ship. Nothing new here, of course, for the “reform-minded” have been absolutely frenetic since Santa Anita, realizing, now, that society is changing in fundamental ways, and that neither we nor the media is going away. These are my highlights from the article:

“The anxiety level in Southern California is palpable, as it is all across the Thoroughbred landscape. Make no mistake; let’s make one thing perfectly clear: The sport is under attack.

“At Keeneland, one of North America’s iconic tracks...a fifth horse was euthanized... Prior to the fall meet, the Keeneland Association went above and beyond to ensure its racing surfaces were as safe as possible... However, Keeneland is struggling for a reason why. The local Lexington newspaper, which dropped its full-time racing writer years ago, has reported on several of the equine fatalities on page one of the sports section instead of a wrap of the day’s stakes action.

“In Southern California, in the face of all of the catastrophic incidents throughout the year, the group Horseracing Wrongs has placed advertisements on 22 bus benches that say, ‘Horseracing Kills / EndHorseracing.com.’

“On Oct. 8, the Washington Post published an editorial by Patrick Battuello (founder and president of Horseracing Wrongs), ‘The time for horse racing has passed. It’s time to outlaw it.’"

Progress, every day. As to the article itself, “not enough”? It will never be enough.

You can’t fix wicked.

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