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FROM Connor Finch, VeganFTA.com
May 2020

Veganism is simply a philosophy, a way of seeing animals as individuals. Individuals that deserve respect and compassion. Animals are not here for us, animals are not something we should look at as a way of personal gain, entertainment or pleasure. After all, what is more important, your taste buds and 15 minutes of pleasure you get from consuming their decomposing body parts or the animalís life? The answer should be life every time.

We are living in the year 2020, there is no excuse for animal abuse, we have the choice to eat whole foods, nuts, seeds and vegetables. Everybody has the choice to be kind or cruel, which will it be?

choose plants not pain

Welcome and thank you for taking this time to read all about animal liberation and my thoughts on how vegan activism can change the world for good.

Firstly, I would love to introduce myself and tell you a little more about myself and what I aim to achieve. My name is Connor Finch, I am a 23-year-old vegan activist based in Essex, England.

Growing up I loved animals, I have always had a strong connection with all kinds of beings that we are lucky enough to share this planet with. I was surrounded by multiple cats from the moment I was born, I learned to love all animals and respect their needs and lives.

Companion animals such as cats and dogs are widely accepted as lovable, sociable and emotional animals. I have always respected nature and loved watching documentaries about wild predators and the gentle giants of this world. Every animal is capable of feeling emotions such as fear, pain, happiness and love.

This is why people love animals so much, they are compassionate and even become some of the most trustworthy living beings in our lives. We mourn the loss of animals whether it be our beloved pets or animals in the wild becoming the victim of roadkill or even a more natural death. Death is a sad moment for humans and non-humans alike....


Connor Finch

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